Principal, Square One Interiors

Cynthia Ziolkoski graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture, and is a founding partner of Square One Interiors. Her studies included courses such as structural engineering opening opportunities for Master programs. Having received the Gold Medal of Design upon graduating, Cynthia began her career in Toronto in hospitality design. Her career took her on projects and travel throughout Europe, Africa, Asian and North America. Cynthia developed a comprehensive in-site in operations and design with her involvement both in F&B and Hotels through travelling, designing an living in different countries and cultures.

Cynthia leads the team in planning, concept and design development in her role as Director of Design. Having worked in depth from design/build projects to 10-acre master planning both overseas and in North America, she explores creative and innovative solutions with an extended perspective. She is a strong believer in travelling and seeing the world around us for inspiration and a continuing education for design.